Dearest Friends,

Are you ready to party with a purpose? I am! I am so glad to be alive and I have something very special to share with first major Asheville concert since my transplant surgery. Get this:

The Asheville Renaissance Hotel Presents

Kat Williams & Friends Gratitude Concert 2019

on Friday Night 21 June 2019

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So let's get ready to dance and celebrate!

I also want to let everyone know, that I am producing this concert because I owe a deep debt of gratitude to everyone who stood by me during last years' ordeal. Thanks to a special friend, I have a new kidney - WOW!  The depth of my gratitude and appreciation for them is so deep, it's difficult to convey...and thats what this concert is about: celebrating that eternal gratitude... and it comes straight from my heart. I have so much to be thankful for and not just for that special angel who gave me their kidney, but also for all those folks whose thoughts, prayers and actions spoke volumes (Duke & Mission xoxo). Don't you want to just dance about it! I do! I survived and so did you!

When I get on stage, I hope you will feel the power of love I am trying to convey. Backed by two-time Grammy Award winner Eliot Wadopian, along with River Guerguerian, Chris Rosser (collectively - Free Planet Radio) and Richard Shulman, this forthcoming CD "Gratitude" traces my thoughts and feelings over the last year.  You folks will be the first to hear this new music and we are honored to share it with you all.

As my loyal fans know, I am driven to sing and compose music.  Please join me in thanking my donor, wife, doctors, medical staff, ministers, church, brother, family, fans, musical compatriots, and true friends with this special concert and night. I am forever grateful to The Asheville Renaissance Hotel who helped out with the last big throw down we had a few years back hosting over 1000 fans!

Let me share with you an amazing night of libations, fine dancing music and profound jams with my magical musical friends. Hopefully -with their help and yours- I can impart that most delicate of messages: 'A sincere thanks to all of you from the bottom of my heart.'

- In Gratitude and Love,

Kat Williams

 Background on Kat Williams.

Our local beloved celebrity, Emmy nominated Kat Williams has taken on her next challenge one of many in the life of someone diagnosed with Stage 5 kidney failure. Four years ago, the search for a comparable donor began. In the interim a friend told Kat, “I am going to get in shape and give you my kidney.” Not giving it a second thought as time passed, Kat continued her search as her condition worsened. The donor received a “calling” a year before the surgery and knew she was to be the designated donor. Last year the donor suddenly announced to a stunned Kat, “We are a match!” The surgery took place in December of last year and the healing process continues as Kat pursues her life’s destiny.

“Callings have played an important role in my life with many miracles happening when faced with life’s trials and tribulations. Life has taken me on one path after another leading me in every direction meant to be. There are no coincidences. I was blessed to have a Mother who believed in a force more powerful than words can describe. Having a life threatening illness made me look inside and take care of myself as opposed to looking towards others for help. I listened to my inner voice and found my truth.” The last of 31 foster children, Kat was adopted when only 5 days old by a Mother who believed miracles can happen. Words like failure, you can’t or defeat were not part of her vocabulary growing up. The sky was the limit and if Kat wanted to become an astronaut, that dream would be pursue and now her Future never looked brighter.

“My mother was surrounded by light and love, the same light which surrounds me today. Her positive attitude is a reflection of how I live my life every day making the world a better place for all. I am an old soul floating through life sharing love and compassion. When my Mom passed, I was 17 alone and homeless. I became angry, confused and felt hopeless at that time. Then I realized I was not helpless for out there in the world Mom spoke of was everything I needed. I just had to open up to all possibilities and let go of the fear. I already possessed all the tools needed to get me through the most difficult times. I just needed to flip the switch and turn the light on. Even during my darkest moment, I felt a hand on my shoulder guiding me to the light within me again and again sparking the necessary change or direction. Before I could tell my life what I want to do with it, I must listen to my calling telling me who I am and all the possibilities that lie before me. My teachers helped me get a scholarship to continue my education. They shared every Holiday with me. I was never alone. My deepest calling has been to grow into my own authentic self-hood, whether or not it conforms to some image of who I ought to be. As a result, I found the joy every human being seeks and my path of service in this world. I go where my spirit leads me. It is the same spirit which is inside everyone of us and kindness always prevails. After realizing the gifts I have it was time to give back and share my journey with the world. Recently, a man told a black joke which appalled those present. A woman came over to me afterward and apologized for him. I told her I was not offended for I realized he was trying to connect with me on his own level. I further explained his way brought me one step closer to seeing another side of life. Part of living to be authentic is not comprising myself or who I am without bigotry, hate and racism. Life is a constant lesson. You just have to accept the teachings as gifts and keep moving on.”

After much trial and tribulation including working in a correctional facility for 15 years to becoming a meter maid, I built my audience while giving out parking tickets while pursuing my dream of becoming a singer and traveling the world. Moving to Asheville in 1997 took the ultimate strength and self-reflection while I became the most sought after singer in the region. While rehearsing at a club one day, I noticed a large group of homeless people gathered outside the club looking in listening to my music. I knew they were there for a reason and I had to respond to a calling. I wanted them to be part of the show so I took them to Goodwill, got them clothes so they could come in, get fed and enjoy the show with others. I want to make people see the other side of life and see the light within me that can shine in them as well. I have worked tirelessly making a difference in the lives of many in our community working with over 80 non profit charities especially sharing my experience with children of similar backgrounds.

Kat bares her heart and soul with each show inviting audiences in for a glimpse of this truly phenomenal resilient woman. Recognition of her talent and style got her booked all over the world including an appearance on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno and finalist on America’s Got Talent. Kat opened acts for Chaka Kahn among others and Robin Williams personally invited her to sing at an event he was hosting. Kat fills the void left by today’s artists bringing us back to the roots of Jazz, Blues, Soul, Motown, and Pop with an animated style, a spirited sense of humor and that memorable laugh. Once she takes the mic, a time capsule opens bringing us back and forth to an era of greats Nina Simone, Ella Fitzgerald, Mavis Staples & Etta James including songs from today's artists in her repertoire.

In her own words, Kat muses...

"My musical philosophy "I have no competition, I can only give you the best of me." my description of a life well lived against all odds. I let go of all the noise and news of today and follow my heart. I kind of bring a realistic approach to the table through entertainment and my well is now your well. Take a dip. Whatever I can do to help, I am here to help and serve, that's it. When all you’ve learned is survival, my motto has been “survive rather than thrive.I take nothing for granted or to heart while learning the secret to good health is forgiveness, not foolishness."

Kat Williams will be joined by Free Planet Radio and Richard Shulman at the Renaissance Hotel, 61 Woodfin Street, Asheville, NC 7pm to 9pm. Get your dancing shoes on! For tickets visit

For more information contact Tricia Rother 631 375-5714

Venue Details
Asheville Renaissance Hotel
61 Woodfin Street, Asheville, North Carolina 28801, United States